Building and Preserving Business Legacies

The formulas for growth, retaining talent and the transition of ownership responsibility are not the same for every business owner; however, the outcome is priceless when the results reflect the vision you have spent a life time creating for you, your family and your business stakeholders.

Your future and the legacy of your company depend upon how well you prepare and manage the process.

Grow. Reward. Prosper.

Most entrepreneurs have only one chance at successfully transferring their business to the next generation of American Dreamers. That is why we developed a unique formula that we call the Bankable Exit® for business owners. Whether you are still growing the value of your company or you plan to exit in the near future, a Bankable Exit means the orderly transfer of ownership responsibilities in exchange for time freedom and financial independence for you. At TMG, we are committed to assuring that the legacy you have spent a lifetime creating will be preserved as the next generation of American Dreamers step into your ownership roles. Growing Business Value, Rewarding and Retaining Talent and Prosper are a few areas that prepare your company for that inevitable time when you choose to step away from the daily operations. We are always committed to maximizing value, minimizing risk while maintaining control through the vulnerable process you have only one shot at getting right.



Creating time freedom for yourself and meaningful accountability for your leadership team.

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Your most valuable employees think and act like you do: a business owner.

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Transfer ownership of your company to the people you trust, for the price you want.

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