Kolbe CONSULTANT and Life Coach

I have been a business partner and Director of Operations for The McFarland Group for over 20 years.  In 2010, our company, The McFarland Group (TMG), was faced with a problem common to small businesses: we liked our team members, we felt everyone had the right skills and training, but team communication and productivity were off track. Working with and observing our clients, it was apparent that many faced similar challenges. To our surprise, what we learned about productivity was not about developing (better) time management skills!

Coming up with tools to resolve this challenge, ignited a long standing interest in helping both teams and individuals look beyond resumes, work history and skills training to increase productivity, improve interpersonal communications and tap into genuine authenticity.  It also launched my own journey of getting out of the job that I “needed to do” and into guiding others on how to maximize the use of their time and energy while enjoying new relationships.  

My clients are great people in good jobs on teams that may be struggling. They are tired of feeling stuck and frustrated.  They have been suffering secretly (or not so secretly) in frustrating relationships and they can’t seem to get closer to their goal or dream.  The relationship may be at work or with a family member.  Their concerns and worries interrupt their sleep. They are ready to do something different, beyond self help books and seminars.

“I believe wholeheartedly that no life path is straight.  Sometimes we need coarse adjustment or simply the insight of a new perspective…and no matter what, we are all ok!  It is my greatest pleasure, when my clients turn the corner towards inspired and joyful relationships with themselves and others.” 

Kolbe Certified Coach (2010)
Life Coach School Certified (2020)
Graduate of Breakthrough Burnout (2021)
Influence, Class of 21
Leadership Omaha, Class of 21 

My career path also includes recruiting for a Fortune 100 Insurance company and eight years experience in straight commission sales. For compliance purposes, I have had the following licenses: life, group health, long term care insurance, and the Series 6&63. I have also served on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities, the College of Saint Mary and Project Interfaith. I was a co-founder of Omaha Table Talk (bringing people together to safely discuss race/ethnicity topics).  I graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS in Ag Business and a BA in Commercial Economics.  

It’s a family tradition to be at the helm of the family owned and operated business. My parents were entrepreneurs and community leaders in my home state of South Dakota.  

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