Retain & Reward Key Talent

Key employees are essential to your company’s sustainability. Don’t let them become your competition.

Your most valuable employees think and act like you do, a business owner.

They’re keen to help grow your company’s success, and have a thorough understanding of how it generates profit. They’re capable of managing affairs when you fall ill or take a vacation. And if they feel you’re short-changing them, they’re happy to go into business for themselves.

No savvy buyer will consider acquiring your company if the continued involvement of these key employees is not secured. At the same time, a well-designed employee incentive plan can boost the profit-generating capabilities of these employees and make your company more valuable.

If ever there was a case of “win-win” for both employer and employee, it is key-employee incentive planning.

At The McFarland Group, we take our clients through a thorough inventa process to clarify the owner’s objectives for their incentive plan and to keep the plan design in alignment with the company’s growth strategies.  To get more insight now, check out our white paper which provides an overview for how to create effective incentive plans, including useful details about:

  • the 5 characteristics of a well-designed employee incentive plan
  • the pros & cons of the 3 most-common forms of reward: equity-based, cash-based, and phantom-stock plans
  • important requirements & restrictions you should include with each type of reward

You will also find an employee-benefit checklist to help you begin to identify the most appropriate plan for your circumstances.

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