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Creating Time Freedom and the Clarity to Act with Confidence.

Many business owners find that, at some point, they are being held hostage to “top down” or “real time” decision-making. This allows an owner to keep a hand on the pulse of the company by making all critical and, often, non-critical decisions. However, even the most successful owners find that this leadership style, which worked effectively for getting the business up and running, eventually turns ineffective. Being involved in so many of the day-to-day decisions that there is no time left to be a visionary for the company.

It’s time to take a look at a new leadership strategy to create time freedom and improve the quality of your work life. Real change occurs when your leadership team has your trust and the clarity to act with confidence.

We get you started by identifying meaningful results for your company, we provide accountability to the leadership team for achieving those results, and we teach you to manage the process yourselves.

  Our experience helps you:

  • Identify the right people for the right roles.
  • Get your entire leadership team on the same page.
  • Develop a culture of open and direct communication.
  • Hold your team accountable and better allocate resources.
  • Improve profit margins.
  • Create time freedom and improve quality of your work-life

Realizing the American Dream for Entrepreneurs and Stakeholders

Following are a few of the industries The McFarland Group has guided through the exit planning and success planning process.
General Contracting/Construction

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