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The McFarland Group specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs as they make plans for one of the most meaningful emotional and financial events of their lives: leaving their business to the next generation of American Dreamers.

Whether an owner’s planned exit is in the next few years or many years down the road, a successful outcome takes time and planning.  Planning that many business owners simply do not have the time to get right.

Hundreds of business owners and their stakeholders have relied on The McFarland Group to get them through the exit planning and succession planning process.  That is because we collaborate on the development and implementation of strategies to Grow Value through the successful transfer of ownership and management responsibilities, to Retain and Reward Talent so key employees do not become competition, while maintaining the financial feasibility of the company for when the owner/seller seeks independence from daily operations of their business-Bankable Exit.

The McFarland Group takes pride in seeking understanding before making recommendations, providing unique solutions to unique situations, collaborating with other professional advisors and most importantly, we strive to make certain that our clients have the clarity to act with confidence.

Results that you can count on:
  • Preserve your legacy for the next generation
  • Prepare for sale to those who care most and are who are most capable
  • Create time and financial freedom
Our Guarantee:  

Clarity to Act with Confidence

Associations and Memberships

In this recording Byron shares the three steps he takes owners and stakeholders through as they prepare for the transfer of ownership to a management group while achieving financial independence for the exiting owner.

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